And It Begins…

Posted: June 19, 2010 by eg in General

Welcome to The Unemployed Graduate; where nothing substantial is ever said or accomplished!

In may of 2010, I graduated from Manhattan College and with the combined efforts of a bad job market and a fair amount of procrastination and laziness I couldn’t find a job right out of school. So, having no other options, I moved back in with my parents in upstate New York.  Sure, I get free home cooked Italian food every night, but if someone asks about my living situation I have to say “I live with my parents.” Every day I spend at home I feel a small part of my soul and self respect whither away into nothingness. Will I move out in time before there is nothing left? Never mind my soul, how long until I become that weird guy who reads manga and knows a little too much about Miley Cyrus’ life and touring schedule because he lived at home for just a little too long?

So, with that being said, I hope you all get some entertainment out of reading about my unfortunate living situation, awkward conversations between family members, and occasionally stories from a happy time in my past; a time when I was a minor, meaning my friends and I couldn’t get in any real trouble for any of the stupid crap we did. “Seize the carp”, we would say, and we carped all over the place.


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