Picture Of The Week: Naked Elf Butterfly Lady Riding Tiger Through Jungle

Posted: July 10, 2010 by eg in Pictures, Time Wasters
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Welcome to the first ever picture of the week and my first ever art critique. Read on for the compelling and ultimately tragic story of Tray Mead, the artist behind what I call “Naked Elf Butterfly Lady Riding Tiger Through Jungle.”  Note: the painting features a partially naked elf butterfly lady, so if you’re not down with that, don’t read on.

"Naked Elf Butterfly Lady Riding Tiger Through Jungle"

Wow.  I urge you to take that painting in for a minute; the tiger, the butterfly, the lady, the nakedness, the pointy ears. I can’t imagine what exactly this guy was thinking when he sat down in front of his canvas and decided to painting this. Yes, this is an actual painting that you can buy right here.  This is what I think may have happened:

Tray, a struggling artist, is a few years out of art school and trying to create his first masterpiece, however he is struggling to decide what to paint.  In an attempt to help him relax and hopefully find inspiration his girlfriend, Beth, takes him to an indoor butterfly garden .  The two spend the day together looking at hundreds of butterflies fluttering around inside the glass dome.  Tray doesn’t find the butterflies particularly interesting but thinks to himself “Whatever, I’ll paint a picture of a butterfly to make Beth happy” and goes home to his studio to begin work.

A few nights later, Tray calls Beth over to show her what he has painted so far.  It is a beautiful pink and green butterfly flying with a jungle background.  Beth smiles and says she thinks it is wonderful.  Tray is please to have made his girlfriend so happy and decides to celebrate the completion his first possible masterpiece with some scotch as soon as Beth has left for home that night.  As he spends the rest of the night gulping his scotch, he begins to realize that the picture is missing something. “It needs to be more manly!” he slurrs out loud.  Quickly, he begins painting in a sweet looking tiger over the butterfly to “man up” the painting and passes out shortly after it’s completion.

Tray's Scotch

The next morning Beth comes over to make breakfast for her boyfriend, only to find him passed out on the floor with an empty bottle of scotch in his hand in front of the painting.  She wakes Tray up and is sad to see he ruined the painting she loved so much with a stupid looking tiger.  Still slightly drunk from the night before, Tray says “The bufferfly was too grlly, my tiger kicks the shiiit outta it!”  Beth is crushed and breaks up with Tray.

Tray is unfazed by this and decides to best way to deal with this situation is to drink some more.  Later that night, and part way through his new bottle of scotch he has an idea to win back Beth.  “Imma gona paintter neked an an elf ridin ma teger” says Trey.  His plan was to paint her naked…as an elf…riding his tiger.  So, with an unusually skilled hand for how drunk he was, he paints a much thinner and larger breasted version of Beth riding his tiger that night.

Later, the following afternoon, Tray wakes up and sees his painting.  He does not remember painting the naked woman however, he is a man who likes to roll with the punches.  Tray says “Fuck it, someone’s gotta want this shit” and puts the painting for sale on the internet.

A tragic story indeed. To support Tray and his passion for tigers and naked elf women, visit the link provided above and pay $37 for a poster or $92 for a framed print…if you’re down with that sort of stuff.  Good luck Tray, good luck.

  1. Eddie says:

    … Hints of Monet… more detailed review to come

  2. MJS says:

    Was it Monet or Manet that went through the naked elf period?

  3. Brick says:

    Monet, Manet attempted impressionism using partially clothed dwarves, it didnt go over so well

  4. EC says:

    I respectfully request a Tray Mead Painting of the week. It’s OK if you run out of new paintings. You can’t look at them enough.

    • MJS says:

      wow, youre right. Already got something lined up for next week’s picture of the week though. However, I think it is safe to say Tray Mead’s naked elf fairy artwork will make an another appearance on this website in the near future.

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