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Posted: July 20, 2010 by eg in General, Rant
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Just got back from an awesome weekend on Long Island. Lots of food, beverages, beach, sunburn, mouthfuls of salt water, fear of drowning, more beverages, late night egg sandwiches, anger about getting poison ivy, happiness about realizing I didn’t get poison ivy, anger about getting a bug bite that fooled me into thinking I had poison ivy, and more beverages.  Overall, I would rate the weekend a 9 out of 10. The only thing missing were explosions. What can I say? I’m a sucker for explosions.  But don’t feel bad Long Island. You still did an awesome job and theres always next time to incorporate explosions.

Explosions: The Weekend

Highlight of the weekend: Drinking profusely all night then making an egg sandwich for my girlfriend’s father. How awesomely random is that?

In other news, I want to thank a driver of a white Lexus SUV with a vanity plate reading “SEAPEARL” for saving me about an hour on my trip home from Long Island.  As thanks, I would like to write him a letter that he is likely to never see. But here it is.


Thank you for  leading the way on that stretch of I-81 between Scranton and Syracuse and going between 80 and 85 the entire way.  I was doing a modest 70 when I saw you coming up rapidly in my rear view mirror and I noticed you had a radar detector as you drove past me. I thought we made a great team. You leading the way, making sure the road was clear of any fuzz, and me…using you to travel faster without any fear of consequences.  There was one point where you seemed a little peeved I had been trailing behind you for 60 or so miles and you slowed down and let me pass you.  I took that as a sign that it was my turn to lead the pack.  I couldn’t quite do your speed safely because I don’t have a radar detector but I tried to stay above 75 for you because you seemed like you were in a hurry. Oh, and remember like 80 miles outside of Scranton there was that beautiful rainbow? I know you saw it too. Then the road split and I was caught looking at the rainbow and I had to dart across two lanes so I didn’t miss our exit.  For a while after that I thought that you had taken the other fork in the road and I was sad. But then you came flying up past me again! Horayy! But then I lost you in Syracuse, thats where I think you’re from.  Anyway, I thought we made an awesome team out there, SEAPEARL. Please accept this picture I drew on paint of a fish holding a gun as a token of my appreciation.

this fish has a gun

Thank You,


P.S. Whats with your vanity plate? SEAPEARL? Really?

  1. Katherine says:

    My favorite part was being right about the poison ivy not being poison ivy….

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