10 yr Old Me Designs A House

Posted: July 28, 2010 by eg in General
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Looks dangerous...might be fun.

When I was about 10, I had some pretty sweet career aspirations. Up to that point, I wanted to be an astronaut, a photographer, a Lego maker, an astronaut again, fighter pilot, professional hockey player, and for one day when I was 6 or 7 I wanted to be a light bulb when I grew up (inanimate objects seemed like good careers at the time). Then one day, after a friend’s birthday part at Discover Zone, I decided my house sucked because it didn’t have a ball pit in it. Upon arriving home, I decided to become an architect so I could design houses for people who share my love for ball pits. Its safe to say that the current me and the 10 year old me agree on whats inside of a good house: ball pits and and dangerous sea creatures. Read on for a re-creation of drawing from my architect days and ideas for your starter home. (Note: there are a few words you’re gonna have to read, it might take two sittings)

Keep in mind, this was originally designed by a 10 year old. Trivial things like bathrooms didn’t seem necessary (although two zip lines and several sharks did). Click the pictures to enlarge.

First Floor

* Please Note: The entire first floor is a 3 foot deep ball pit.

1) In order to get to my house you need to drive your car off a jump.  Around the driveway is water that is filled with deadly sharks. Only the daring earn their way into my house.

2) My three car garage. 10 year old me wanted a Corvette and a Buick. Both my parents drove Buicks when I was younger, so I figured they must be pretty good cars. I threw in a late 90s Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, because that was my first car and it should be his too…and will be…or will that mess up the space time continuum?

3) The extra garage stores my monster truck.

4) To get to the grand entrance way you need to jump on a path of stones that traverses the shark infested waters. The path is like the one on that show MXC where some of the stones are traps and they just drop you into the water. That the present day me’s idea. I thought it would be cool. It is also a good way to catch intruders. I’ll tell my friends which stones are traps but not the intruders…so the sharks will eat them. Once inside my entrance, there are two staircases leading up to the second floor and a doorway ahead of you. As a welcome to my house you get to walk through a small maze before you get to see the rest of my house. In one area of the maze there is a secret staircase to my basement. My basement doesn’t have any drywall up or anything so nobody goes down there, its just where my water heater and stuff lives. If I had maids, or robot maids, I would probably keep them down there when they weren’t working. Maybe I’ll build a hockey rink down there…its basically wasted sq footage right now. Anyway.

5) The food area. Not really a kitchen because someone else cooks my food so I don’t need a kitchen. Not really an important room. I just need a toaster for my Toaster Strudels.

6) Possibly the most important room in the house. This is the laser tag room, and keep in mind the whole first floor is a ball pit also, so it gets pretty intense in there. Yeah, alot of you just realized how awesome this house is now. This room is super fun. Younger me wanted this to be just like Lazer Quest on West Ridge Road in Rochester but I disagree. Sorry, me. We are instead going to make it just like the multiplayer map “Prisoner” from the first Halo game, you’ll understand when it comes out, me. There is also a separate ready rooms for the red and blue teams.

7) This is my TV room. Theres a big TV, some speakers, and Sega Genesis. 10 yr old me wanted a big projections screen TV, what an idiot. Lets get a nice LED TV. Its the 21st century, jerk.

Eight) My piranha tank.

9) My back yard has a deck, a pool, and a slide that is carved into the small mountain next to the pool. Also, there is a ladder so you can climb up to the second floor from the outside. Might be a security risk. Ill have to think about that one. Next Page →


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