Fight Video Breakdown

Posted: July 29, 2010 by eg in Time Wasters, Videos
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I know this video has been around for a week which is about a year in internet time, but I used to drink at Blockheads so it deserves a posting.

Burritos breed hate.

Kinda escalates quickly doesn’t it? Now, I’ve never been in a “real fight”, but I did punch a kid in the forehead in the 7th grade and I was in a food fight in high school where someone threw a chair, so I consider myself an expert on this material.  First theres some words exchanged, then some pushing, then out of left field some dude throws a chair! By the end of the fight 4 chairs and a restaurant barricade were thrown while some dude wields a chain.  Only a total of 1.5 actual punches connected.

This video does show some pretty standard racial stereotypes. No, I’m not talking about the nice African American fellow who got in the fight at a burrito bar and threw a chair. However, the text book white person reaction to a fight is as follows: take out your iPhone and press record, demand a free meal when it is all over with, post video on YouTube. Good job, white guy.


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