Time Waster Of The Day: Pel

Posted: July 29, 2010 by eg in Games, Time Wasters
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Need to slack off from work? Need to continue doing nothing at your computer at home? Well you’re in luck!

I feel like it is my duty as the owner of a pro-unemployment website to provide you with ways to reduce your productivity while you’re at work.  I got sucked in playing this retro-ish looking game for a good hour.

Click the image to play (opens in new window)

By the way, 74,194 239,792 is my high score. I specifically challenge Danny Staudt to beat it.

  1. Cicero says:

    I am in the middle class and I panosrelly know 2 kids who ride the train to get from LA to the community college that I goto. They have school and travel expenses payed for by the government, they don’t even have to work. I don’t get financial aid. My parents don’t pay for my education (other than through taxes). My parents don’t pay for my car, insurance, or gas. I have to work a job 25 hours a week just so that I can pay my way through school.

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