F**k Budlight, Give Me A Squirrel

Posted: July 31, 2010 by eg in General
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Those Europeans are at it again. Remember back in the day where you could get drunk off one beer? Well, those days are back and you’re going to hate the taste of the beer just like in the ol’ days too. Except now, you get to drink out of a dead squirrel. Yummy.


The good fellows over at BrewDog are amidst a competition with a rival brewery to claim the title for worlds strongest beer. Last week they announced their 55% alcohol by volume , $765 beer called “End of History”. If the alcohol content and price wasn’t enough for you, BrewDog was nice enough of put the beer inside of dead stoats (a type of weasel, but we’ll just call it a squirrel). But that makes sense doesn’t it? If I’m going to drink 110 proof beer, Everyone should be able to know in advance that in about 15 minutes I’m going to be doing the electric slide naked on your kitchen table just by looking at what I’m drinking out of (a squirrel).

What? No Dead Squirrel?

note: As I was researching this, I realized I needed to update.

Update: On Thursday, July 29th, seven days after BrewDog announced “End of History”, their beer enemies at ‘t Koelschip brewery have taken the lead. For $45 you can buy at 1/3 liter bottle of “Start the Future”. This cruel joke of a beer is 120 proof, or 60% alcohol by volume. ‘t Koelschip failed to realize the true point of the contest and failed to put their beer inside of a dead animal. Idiots.

I would like to take this time to announce my entrance into this contest. For $1 you can purchase a serving of my beer which weighs in around 175 proof. It tastes alot like a few shots of Bud Light mixed with half a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I call it “Lets Go Blind Together” and it is served in whatever animal I find on the road on my way to delivering you the beer. Enjoy!

Read the real articles about the real beers here and here.


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