Review Of The Week: Two Door Cinema Club

Posted: August 2, 2010 by eg in Reviews
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Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History: My first music review, woah. I heard about this CD after my musically inclined friend Cory referred it to me a couple weeks ago. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

Seriously, its good.

This band is made up by three cool dudes from Northern Ireland. My last experience with Northern Ireland involved dressing up like a woman with my friend from NYrunning into interesting people including Captain America, Alolf Hitler, and the best Joker costume I have ever seen. How could I turn down chance to experience that place again, but this time I’ll be way more sober.

BTW, this is the best Joker costume I saw in Northern Ireland

Now, you should know I do have a different taste in music than most of my friends and I rarely, if ever, listen to the “cool” radio stations. The CDs I buy usually don’t end up getting massive amounts of playing time on the radio, but it has happened a few times.

Two Door Cinema Club is a little like MGMT, a little like Vampire Weekend, a bit of Death Cab for Cutie and occasionally I hear hints of Kings Of Leon. Mostly the first two though and most of their sound I can’t really compare to any other group. Every song on Tourist History is like a bunch of happy sounds dancing in my ears, it is legitimately fun to listen to with its catchy melody sounds and refrains you’ll be catching yourself humming to yourself later.

This CD is the reason why I still go out and buy CDs. Every single track sounds awesome and I couldn’t pick out a weak link if I tried. The only thing I could bitch about is that there are only 10 tracks. But 10 tracks of sweetness.

So if you’re looking to take a break from your Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga playlist, check out Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History. Worth the purchase.


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