The Deep Blue Hole

Posted: August 3, 2010 by eg in General, Time Wasters, Videos
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Guillaume Nery: Badass

French people. Good at making croissants, speaking French and disliking Americans. But now they are also making swimming dramatic looking. For seriously, this video might be the coolest thing I’ve seen in months. I suggest viewing it at full screen and turning off the lights if you have the option. Check it out.

This crazy lookin place is called Dean’s Blue Hole and is the world’s deepest known blue hole at 202m (663ft). Nuts. Apparently, the dude in the video, Guillaume Nery, is the world champ at this thing call freediving. Him and his girlfriend, Julie Gautier, who also happens to be a world class freediver, filmed this video over the course of several dives on breath alone, no tanks of any kind. Nuttts.

I don’t know if freediving always looks this intense and epic, but this video makes me want to do awesome things. Maybe things that don’t involve swimming and holding your breath for a long time and extreme pressures. I’m thinking something like skydiving from space while holding scissors as a hungry bear chases after me. I would consider going down Dean’s Blue Hole…haha…if I had a scuba tank, a massively powerful flashlight, a rope tethering me to dry land, and a spear gun to ward off any prehistoric creature that escaped evolution down there. I have a fear of seawater-filled sink holes that look bottomless…shut up, you do too.

Vacation anyone?

Congratulations, French people, thanks to badass Guillaume Nery your entire country has been bumped up a few notches. Now make me a croissant. They’re delicious.


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