UGA’s Orientation Video Failure

Posted: August 4, 2010 by eg in Time Wasters, Videos
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Lets set the scene. At the ripe age of 18 you walk into an auditorium at UGA for the beginning of your college orientation. You think “Gee golly, I’m so psyched for college. Parties, girls, boobies, boobies, etc. This is gonna be GREAT!” Moments after taking your seat, you realize you’ve made terrible mistake.

They got it all wrong, nobody sings at college like that unless they’re drunk. And those kids were totally sober. And there is never that much Miley Cyrus, unless a drunk girl is controlling the iPod at the party.

Although orientation videos are never known for their coolness, I never imagined a video that makes college look like a Catholic summer camp. I honestly feel bad for every freshman who witnessed this video. Hang in there everyone, you’ll be drinking profusely and making bad life decisions in no time.

Some of UGA's orientation leaders. Dibs on the ginger.

On UGA’s website Justin West (top row, second from right) explains how to be a good leader: “Be yourself! I repeat BE YOURSELF! If you are fake, it will show and new students may not respect you.” I think it is a little too late to be worrying about the students respecting you.

video courtesy of Kump

  1. Brick says:

    … The amount of fail in this video is amazing… It’d almost be funny bad if they had either screwed up the audio sync or the concept in general… but screwing up both at the same time just makes this rage-out-loud bad… and also incredibly appropriate for the graduate

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