Faces Of Stupidity: Derrick Gauthreaux

Posted: August 5, 2010 by eg in General
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Burglaries make him sleepy

There are countless ways to screw up a burglary. You could leave fingerprints behind, be seen fleeing the scene by witnesses, or any other of the usual ways normal criminals screw up. Derrick Gauthreaux however, is no ordinary criminal. This fine example of human evolution fell asleep in the middle of his burglary attempt a few nights ago.

Want to know why he looks so sad in the picture? Less than 12 hours before it was taken, Derrick was released from jail for an open container violation, only to be arrested again for this almost burglary. Sounds like Derrick was so psyched about his initial release from the big house he spent the night partying and livin’ life. Later into the night, he began running low on beer money and decided to acquire some through the art of burglary. After several attempts to get into an 82 year old woman’s lovely trailer home, he started getting tired from all the strenuous work and decided a nap was in order.

Thank you, Derrick Gauthreaux. Thanks for being a terrible criminal so we have something to laugh at.

  1. derrick is my lil brother he was released from new orleans a midnight for a fight on bourbon st then a few hrs later he got a open container and a hr after that the dumbass dis this he got on yhis charge stayed out two weeks and now he is back in new orleans for a dist charge

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