Terrible Summer Camp Memories

Posted: August 9, 2010 by eg in Time Wasters, Videos
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Its Monday. Sure sucks for everyone who has a job. To cheer you up and waste exactly 1 minute and 14 seconds of your day, watch this video of someone large being crammed through a tire. Instant classic.

There are several key moments in this video to take note of. First, at 25 seconds in, the large kid (lets call him Russell) begins regretting being overweight as well as going to this summer camp thing. About a second or so later, everyone is either feeling really bad for Rus or holding in a laugh. Probably both.

At 45 seconds some woman, who I am assuming is a leader of some sort at this camp, says “the other name for this is rebirth, for those of you who don’t remember when you were born.” I don’t feel like I have to further explain that one. Except, I’d be really pissed if I remembered being born…gross.

A beautiful moment, Russell is “reborn” at 0:54. Its sad there wasn’t a cartoonish “pop” sound to accompany the moment when he finally slips through. Everyone’s reaction is priceless. Its not quite relief, more like surprise with a hint of “cant wait to watch that on youtube”.

Lastly, at 1:06 ol’ Rusty is just in a humorously awkward position. Face stuck in a tire, feet barely touching the ground, stomach hanging out while surrounded by his new friends at what I can only assume is a summer camp. Russell will never forget that moment for the rest of his life.

Thank you Russell for being such a good sport and never giving up. I hope your rebirthing moment was as wonderful as your first birth, if you’re one of those who actually do remember when they were first born.

  1. Nick says:

    i like the meaningful lessons of camp counselors, like, for example, “rebirth.”

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