Time Waster Of The Day: Fragger

Posted: August 11, 2010 by eg in Games, Time Wasters
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I stumbled on this game a few months ago, then today I stumbled on it again. It is still awesome. Grenades, explosions, fake digital men exploding…what more can you ask for? This is a great game to kill more than an hour of your day, with grenades. Click the image to play the game.


Click the image to play the game


Directions: Move your mouse up and down that big arrow to adjust the power and direction of your throw. Press “R” at any time to restart the level and “M” to return the the main menu. Good hunting!

Unemployed Graduate High Score: I don’t know yet, I’m still working on beating it.

  1. dowhatwhen says:

    Sweeeeeeeet! Love the sound effects and the useful guides. Starts out nice and easy, paused the game at level 7 to write the comment. Thx for sharing. Going back to play the rest!

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