U.G. Guide: Unemployed Vacation

Posted: August 11, 2010 by eg in Featured Story, General

This weekend I am going to be taking a vacation to sunny Atlantic City to meet up with my ol’ college buddies. Probably a bad idea considering I am getting dangerously close to having no money at all. Whatever, maybe I’ll win big on the slots. Here is my guide to enjoying a wonderful vacation with almost no money. >>Click to read full story<<

Atlantic City: The New Jersey Version of Vegas

1) Pick Location – Obviously its best if it is drivable so you don’t have to pay for airfare. Take note that the wear and tear on you car is an expense you don’t have to pay for a while (its like a credit card). Resist the temptation to floor it the entire way on your journey. Last time I went to Long Island I kept an average speed of 80 for a good two hours. With my kick ass 2005 Saturn Ion, that means basically flooring it and needless to say I blew through alot of gas and money in those two hours. It is also extremely beneficial if you can either sleep in your car or split a hotel room with 4 other people. I choose option B.

2) Scrounge for Money– Chances are you don’t have enough money to actually take this trip, so don’t kid yourself. It is time to take drastic measure for the sake of immediate gratification. I once had a pile of change on my desk but now I have $11.70 in my pocket. I once had Halo 3, Fifa 09, NHL 09, Gears of War 2, and Project Gotham Racing 4 for Xbox360. Now I have $18 and change (yeah I know, ripoff). Its time to swallow your pride and sell some of your belongings. If I had more time, Ebay would have been an option.

3) Accounting Practice

Cash                                    $237.00
Gasoline Expense                     (50.00)
Hotel Expense                         (75.00)
Miscellaneous Exp.                    (60.00)
Cash Spendable in A.C.                             $52.00

Wahoo, I can actually pull this off!

4) Examine Options – Once your trip to Atlantic City begins you will have two options. One is to just hang out, save the little spending money you have  just in case you run into problems later. Or two, you can gamble that $52.00, put it all on black at roulette, and hope you just doubled your money and your fun for the weekend. I haven’t decided which route I plan on taking this weekend yet. Only time will tell.

5) Regret Later – It is very likely that you will be returning home with less than $10 in your pocket. Congratulation, you had a great time. Sadly, however, you now have no money and will need some form of employment to continue having fun. Having fun while being unemployed with no money is close to impossible (see F.E.C.A.L. System), so you will have to get an job to stay happily unemployed. Well, that sucks.


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