Time Waster Of The Day: Solipskier

Posted: August 18, 2010 by eg in Games, Time Wasters
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I am so happy I found this game. I see huge amounts of time wasted in the future playing Solipskier. The music is sooper intense while you’re skiing then when you die some music by Chopin makes you feel very sad for the little digital man you just sent to his death. Good news though, you can keep playing. Click the image to play the game. Also, great news if you have an iPhone, you can download this to play from the app store. And the game is currently on its way to being available to Droid users.

Click image to play game

Directions: Click and hold the left mouse button to draw the slope for Jeff (I named the skier Jeff). Go through the gates or make Jeff jumps to go off of to gain points. Perform tricks in the air by letting go of the mouse button while your skier is midair after a jump.

Unemployed Graduate’s High Score: 32,825,747


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