7 Car Games You Probably Never Played

Posted: August 23, 2010 by eg in Featured Story, General
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If you are a male and had a car when you turned 16, you know how fun it was to be an irresponsible driver. I would like to think that I took irresponsible to new levels in my early years of driving. Not that I was any more dangerous but I was significantly more creative. Take for example the games we use to play while driving. The average 16yr old male would play “Race The Car” or the ever popular “Chicken”. Those were too cliche for my friends and I so we created our own ways to endanger ourselves while driving. Click to read about my 7 favorite reckless car games.

These games may lead to exploding car syndrome

1) Magnets: I have no idea how this one started but I’m fairly positive it was in my car. This game is very simple and it involves the passengers of your car wanting to not only endanger you, but themselves as well. Upon entering the car the driver must assume he or she is wearing invisible yet extremely powerful magnets around their wrists. At any point while driving a passenger can yell “Magnets!” at which point your wrist magnets are turned on, removing your hands from the steering wheel and sticking them to the roof of your car above you. At this point you shotgun passenger can either decide to help you out and grab the wheel, or make the game more interesting and not.

How to win: The driver wins if the passengers decide its safer to disengage the magnets and allow the driver to place his or her hands on the wheel again. The passengers win if the driver has to remove the invisible magnets from his wrists and put their hands on the wheel again before the magnets are properly disengaged.

Dangerous memory: Justin engaging my magnets while driving an already particularly dangerous stretch of 390 in Rochester.

2) Short Cut Game: Probably the least dangerous of the 7, but also one of the most fun. It involves drivers trying to find the best “short cuts” and sharing them with other friends with cars. “Short cuts” is in quotes because they never really should be legitimate short cuts, because that isn’t as funny. Rather, they should just be new, interesting, and often unintelligent ways of getting from point A to point B.

How to win: Its more like a friendly ongoing game. I guess you can win if you find the best shortcut.

My Favorite Shortcut: On one specific stretch of road in my neighborhood, “Mike’s Shortcut” led drivers off the road, up a small hill, around two trees and back onto the road about 3 yard from where you started.

3) Quadriplegic Game: Although probably mildly offensive to people with spinal injuries, this was my favorite game. Also the most likely to render passengers unconscious. Due to the nature of this game I recommend you receive full consent by your passenger to begin playing. The object of the game is for the driver to injure whoever is riding the in back seat. The catch is that the driver cannot physically touch the other person, and the passenger has no use of their arms or legs (hence the quadriplegic). Popular moves included slamming on the brakes to send them face first into a hard surface, or swerving rapidly left and right to send the quadriplegic slamming into the doors and windows. Also known as the “Forgot To Buckle The Car Seat Game”.

How to win: Nobody wins

Dangerous Memory: being the quadriplegic in the game with Justin driving (known for his inability to drive safely).

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  1. walter says:

    been a while. as in we didnt just graduate from mcq, but college, and i havent talked to you in 4 years. but i saw this on fb and laughed. pretty sure once we also played a game (title unknown) but it involved finding a car on a main road and taligating the car all the way back to the owners house and pulling in slowly next door to the complete stranger. best played in the middle of the night as to scare the unknown suspect.
    hope all is well man

  2. MJS says:

    Haha good to hear from you walter. I know we’ve tailgated a fair share in our day but I don’t remember the scaring the unknown stranger part hah.

  3. Luke Impissedyoudontmentionmeinyourdrivingstory says:

    Mike, Im pissed you didnt mention me in any of your driving stories-or any stories for that matter, a-hole. What about the culdesac game where we would see how many circles we would have to do to complete “x” amount of MILE(S)? Or how about hide and seek in automobiles where we would try and park our cars in other peoples driveways and not be spotted? c’mon mike, this post disappointed me. Dont worry, I still love you.

  4. MJS says:

    I did forget the culdesac game. You pretty much covered it though. Drive around in circles in a culdesac for a predetermined amount of miles or until someone asks you to leave

    Best Culdesac Game Memory: Combining the culdesac game with the shortcut game and taking a pointless culdesac shortcut every day on the way home from high school until a woman said I was endagering the lives of her children by driving through her culdesac.

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