The Antoine Dodson Story

Posted: August 23, 2010 by eg in General, Videos
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The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It puts the entire world at your finger tips. It also creates celebrities out of completely random people regularly. If you haven’t heard, Antoine Dodson is the newest of these internet celebrities. His reaction to a break in and attempted assault at his house was priceless and spurred a song to be made and a follow-up interview by the news crew. Ah, the American dream at work.

So, if you haven’t heard or seen Mr. Dodson’s videos, here they are. If you have seen his videos….here they are anyway.

The original interview:

The Dodson-inspired song:

I’m not sure if its a bad thing that I can actually image this on the radio or MTV. Is that a compliment to whoever made this song and Antoine Dodson, or an insult to every other rapper?

The second interview:

Antoine Dodson: A testament to the American Dream.


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