NEVER Forget Your Camera.

Posted: August 24, 2010 by eg in Featured Story, General, Pictures
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Between 8th grade and senior year of high school I didn’t go anywhere without either a camera or my trusty camcorder for fear of missing some epic moment that could have been caught on film and laughed at later. The result of my obsession are some awesome pictures (one gem from that time featured below) and three Intensity Tour movies of my friends doing stupid things. Classics. Then I went to college, at which point every female carried at least one camera everywhere so I knew if something cool, funny or embarrassing happened it would immediately be tagged on Facebook and live on indefinitely. No need to carry my camera any longer.

The Gem: Justin at his best

Anyway, today was a wakeup call that I need to once again carry my camera everywhere I go. While taking my daily trip to Wegmans to pick up a delicious Arnold Palmer I saw no less than 6 emergency related vehicles on one of the side parking lots. Curious, I stroll over and ask a nice young African American boy, probably around 12 years old, whats going on. He says, “some lady drove her car into the pond!” To which I reply “Holy crap! That is awesome!” Then he says “hahaha yeah it is.” Then we chuckle together. Great kid.

Smack in the middle of the pond was a black car half submerged in water with a woman inside. Apparently she had been there for around 30 minutes while about twenty people looked on because he doors jammed and windows wouldn’t open. What I found funniest was the fact that she had her windshield wipers going while in the pond. How those worked while her windows didn’t is beyond me, but at least those wipers were keeping the pond off of her windshield.

My thoughts at this point: shit, shit, shit, shit…no camera. My cell phone camera doesn’t work very well after an incident involving a toilet and gravity. It decides when it wants to work, and right then it didn’t. So that was out of the question. Do I stay and continue to watch the hilarity, or try to run home and capture it for all to see? Well, internet, I tried my best. I sped off in front of all that fuzz and went home to grab my camera.

How is it that when you actually need to get somewhere fast you end up behind someone going exactly the speed limit and hit every single light. Literally, every one. Even the one on Long Pond build specifically for the Library. Take a look at this crap on the map below, right at that intersection there is a light now. Did the 3 people who still use the library and the 10 people who work at the town court really need their own light to turn left onto a no so busy stretch of Long Pond? Asses.

Honesty, why is that there?

I got back to Wegmans just as the car was being towed out of the water so unfortunately you will never know how funny it looked in the middle of the pond with a woman inside it. Take it from me though, it was really, really funny. Here are a couple of images I did manage to capture.

Angle 1 (click to see full size)

Angle 2 (click to see full size)

I know, it sucks because you only get to see the aftermath, not the funny part (lady in a car in a pond). But I promise it will never happen again: camera on my person at all times from this point forward.

And if you’re wondering, yes it was a Toyota. And yes, she said the accelerator stuck. I call shenanigans though. She was probably trying to cash in on Toyota’s recent reputatoin with some insurance fraud money. The American Dream at work my friends.


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