Seriously Bad Movie Of The Week Review: “Score”

Posted: August 26, 2010 by eg in Rant, Reviews
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Before I begin ranting, you should know I only watched the trailer of this movie. But that was more than enough. I will not watch this movie and give anyone involved any credit with my hard earned graduation present money. If you are a hockey fan, it may be a better idea just to walk away at this point and not watch this trailer. Ignorance is bliss my friends.

Yeah, a musical about hockey. I was sure the Mighty Ducks movies were as innocent and friendly as a movie could make hockey look. I was very wrong. A MUSICAL about HOCKEY! Doesn’t anyone see how wrong that is? That is about as bad as making a mockumentary about the holocaust. This musical just might undo all the progress hockey made in the USA after the 2010 Olympics hockey game between Canada and United States. I encourage everyone everyone to track down the address of those involved in making this movie and send them strongly worded letters.

If anyone is interested in watching a good hockey movie, go rent or buy Slap Shot. It is widely accepted as the best hockey movie ever made.  If there is a hockey fan who disagrees please tell me what movie is better, I’d love to see it.

Credit to Squanto for bringing to atrocity to my attention.


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