Intense Video Of The Day

Posted: August 27, 2010 by eg in Time Wasters, Videos
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There is a good chance you’ve seen parts of this video before but its pretty sweet either way. These guys took something as intense and dangerous as basejumping to a whole new level of intensity and dangerousness.

Yeah, just strap some wings on a fly just a few feet from the ground and certain death. Aside from the clip in the beginning where the guy is literally three feet from the ground, this video is filled with intense moments. Some moments that immediately come to mind: dudes flying in between trees and dude flying in between two rock peaks. I would consider doing this if those mountains were made of something softer than rock…like styrofoam.

  1. Evology Now says:

    Wow that was intense! Have you heard of JT Holmes? He has some pretty awesome basejumping videos.

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