Its Like Eating Ice Cream

Posted: August 31, 2010 by eg in General, Time Wasters, Videos
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Somewhere in Uganda, Pastor Dr Martin Ssempa is very upset about gay rights…and “poo poo”. First of all, he needs to pick one title to his name and stick with it. I would go with the Dr. in this situation so people think what you’re saying is medical science and not just anti-gay religious ramblings. When you state your name as “Pastor Doctor” you just sound a little bit like you’re a showoff.

Aside from being a showoff, Pastor Dr Martin Ssempa is an avid follower of the “scare them straight” methodology of informing his followers. This involves showing images of people eating each other’s feces. I may not be gay, but I’m fairly this isn’t the standard Friday night of a gay couple.

I can’t take any credit for finding this, I saw it on Tosh.0, but its just so good I have to share it with everyone.

If Ssempa wanted to discourage homosexuality in the youth of his country, he probably shouldn’t have compared anal licking to eating ice cream.  Couldn’t he at least use big people words? Say feces or something, not “poopoo”. You sound like a 4 year old. For being a pastor-doctor, Ssempa doesn’t sound very educated. He also claims to have done research on “what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom.” Accidentally going to instead of does not count as research.

Anyway, I feel like I am taking away from what makes this video so good. He says poopoo alot and forcefully shows his colleagues pictures of people “poopooing” on each other. Job well done.

  1. Doreen says:


    I think you are being too judgemental about what you have little knowlwdge about. Pastor Ssempa isnt a show off because if u ever meet him and call him by his first name, he would gladly respond. Secondly, he has changed so many peoples lives back here in uganda.

    So my dear do some more research about the guy and dont just judge by a single video. Right?

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