Poo Poo Pastor Follow-up/A-Hole Of The Day

Posted: September 3, 2010 by eg in Rant
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I want to say that this will be the first and last time I will discuss anything remotely political or in the area of human rights. I hate discussing this stuff, but a woman known only as “Doreen” commented on my previous post regarding Pastor Dr. Martin Ssempa and scolded me as if I were a child. She informed me that Ssempa is a great person and he has been a positive influence in Uganda. Doreen’s comment said that I shouldn’t judge him based on that one video so I replied apologetically and thought little of it.

Today, while bored, I decided to take Doreen up on her offer and see what else Marty Ssempa has been up to, maybe he is a good guy after all. Turns out he really isn’t.

Pastor Dr. Martin Ssempa uses the guise of helping fight HIV/AIDS in Africa to hide the fact that he is actually pushing a bill through the Uganda government to make homosexual sex illegal and punishable by death. Swell guy, isn’t he? First, he decides to display a slideshow of gay porn in a church, then makes incredible broad generalizations about the homosexual community (“eat da poo poo”) and finally follows it up with a law Hitler would applaud. Boyah, just compared you to Hitler, Ssempa.

I think your country’s AIDS problem is less related to people supposedly eating each other’s feces and more to all of the unprotected sex everyone is having over there. Ass.

So, Pastor Dr. Martin Ssempa, you are today’s A-Hole Of The Day. Doreen, you are the runner-up.

Once again, here is the offensively anti-homosexual “eat da poo poo” pastor:


  1. Tom says:

    Doreen got owned

  2. Anonymous says:

    uumm! I like the that man Dr. Martin Ssempa. He’s the David bringing down the Multi-Billion dollar goliath of Rectumism. (rapturing of rectums).
    Indeed He’s the Man whom Generations today and in the future will applause!

    Mukama a kuume musumba Martin Ssempa, ate amuwangaaze!.(God protect pastor Martin Ssempa, and may He give him a LongLife)

    Sorry unemployed grad.

    “Don’t Eat da Poo poo”

    • Jame says:


      there is just a lot of Wolokoso about Ssempa but the man is a Kika. He has done it and we will applaud him from the West Coast to the East Coast.

      • Ramesh says:

        Oh wow, all the ladies’ creoniats on the hop are just gorgeous. The new designs are really fabulous.I did not see any posts re the hop on Gemma’s and Axa’s blogs, but I did leave a comment on one of their other cards.HugsDesedre

  3. Jame says:

    I love my American friends because they quote and pick up from third, fourth etc sources to bolster an argument. They make their arguments seem true and yet its uncountable miles away from the truth.

    The vilification of Pastor Ssempa on Homo issues has nothing at all to do with killing homos. Ssempa himself has on a number of occasions boldly stated that he does not support the hanging of homosexuals. He further confirms that he has many ex-homos in his church who have been transformed. Actually at one time I met one who formerly was a chief spokeperson for SMUG Uganda. Ssempa just like any Ugandan is simply standing and supporting his culture. His stand must not be rediculed. For example a bored homosexual gets up to write inaccurate information abt ssempa. He’s there taking on Doreen who has rightly spoken well of the out Spoken Ssempa. Ugandans support Ssempa and will continue.

    By the way the recent Bishops’ conference in Uganda completely rejected homosexuality and stood to their previous statements against the vice. Unemployed Graduate help yourself get a job and atleast be busy. You would spare yourself idleness and disorder.

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