This Needs To Be Addressed

Posted: September 8, 2010 by eg in Rant
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A look inside the world of this website…and the strange people we attract…

The Unemployed Graduate is somewhat perplexed. You see, every day I get to see all of these interesting little tidbits about traffic to my website. How many hits, how many click, what people click, etc. What raises the most questions however, is the information I get about what people searched for to get to this website.

You may expect people to search for “unemployed” or “graduate” or “unemployed graduate” to find their way onto this site from Google pretty often. But whats incredible, and at the same mildly disturbing, any term having to do with “butterfly elf”, “naked elf”, “butterfly naked woman”, or “riding tiger” is by far the most used variety of search term that leads people to Unemployed Graduate. It is because of this post where I made fun of artist Tray Mead for his creepy works of “art”.

It is 11am and already 4 people (update: 6 by 1:25) have searched Google for naked elf related pictures and ended up here today. Is there a strange subculture of people who are fans of weird images of half naked elves with wings riding tigers? Seriously, I’m somewhat upset people are now coming here for their elf porn fix. You people disgust me. Four people in one day! I Googled the “naked elf” terms people used to find me and I’m not even on the first page. These people love their butterfly elf pictures so much they went through two pages of Google to find me. Two pages! You realize how often I’ve done that for anything? Never! Imagine how much traffic the #1 site for creepy naked elf butterfly pictures gets?

So here is my crafty marketing, I will tag this post with “naked elf butterfly” and within a matter of hours I will double my traffic through those search terms. If you are at this post because you search for “naked elf butterfly” can you please explain to me why you like naked elf butterflies so much and how you got into naked elf butterfly imagery in the comment section below.

On a side note, the second most used terms are usually along the lines of “recently unemployed graduate” or “graduate unemployed”. Congratulations, you were looking for career advice and job opportunities and you ended up here. How upset you must be right now.


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