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This is exactly what I want the people who grow our food to be doing…wearing it on their naked bodies. I know we don’t eat hay, but imagine the things he has done to the food that has a soft center. Yeah.

I really though as he jumped into the giant farm machine we were never going to see him again. Instead of a bale of hay coming out with naked farmer in the middle of it I expected to see just chopped up bits of farmer. Oh well, maybe next time.

On my way back from Long Island right now, the Unemployed Graduate just had a JOB INTERVIEW…weird. Off to upstate then to Ohio to see an Ironman Triathalon my uncle is racing in. These people are nuts. Go swim 2.4 miles through choppy water while everyone around you is slapping you in the face and grabbing your ankles. Fun? Ok, now ride your bike 112 miles. Wow, you must be tired. Tough shit, its time to run a marathon now, 26.2 miles. Are you dead yet?